Amex Hilton Aspire 2019 Case Study

Which brand brought the best bang for the buck? The Amex Hilton Aspire is my favorite card. It consistently brings back the highest ROE of any card in my wallet. Let’s take a look at my Hilton stays this past year. Please note that this is only points relating to…

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Tenacity has it’s benefits

I was excited when I got the notice that Tenacious D was coming to the Twin Cities! I took a screenshot of the email and posted it on Facebook right away, reaching out to my friends that I knew that would be interested in a great concert. As often happens,…

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Viva Las Vegas!

Our company’s Sales Kick Off is this week. Luckily for me I get to leave Minneapolis at the end of January, and spend it out in Las Vegas! The trip was booked, I was packed, but there was a storm heading our way. Up to a foot of snow overnight….

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