bank of america

The Trip that Points Made

It all started with the unused companion ticket that we get each year with our American Express Delta Reserve card. All we would have to figure out where and when to go? When we looked at where our Hilton Honors Aspire card points could take us, the choice was obvious. …

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Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card

Another cash back card Keith?!?!?!? Yes, yes it is.  And why not?  The Bank of America Cash Rewards card has  no annual fee, so I’m free to use it (or not use it) as much or as little as I want.  There’s a $200 sign up bonus after spending only…

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BoA MLB Cash Rewards Mastercard

The application for this card came in the mail this weekend.  Where I used to just throw them away, now I read them and see where they could fit into my strategy. The Bank of America MLB Cash Rewards Mastercard has no annual fee, and offers a $150 cash back…

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