Shopping Rewards

An Update to Starbuck’s Rewards

Updated 4/19/19 – Thank you Rich for correcting the previous rewards earning rate! Just a heads up regarding Starbucks Rewards as it pertains to the Starbucks Rewards Credit Card. Earning is simple. Two stars for every dollar spent when paying with your Starbucks app or aforementioned credit card. As for…

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End of Year Cash Grab

Getting into rewards, I learned about “Mileage Runs” that people do to achieve particular statuses on airlines.  But I hadn’t heard of this until the notion popped into my head.  As you’ve seen, I’ve added a number of new cards to my wallet in the last couple of months. I…

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Yelp Cash Back, earn back from what you spend

Yelp has been around for years.  It’s well known for their amateur reviews of pretty much everything that shows up on a map;  restaurants, stores, services, etc.  They have introduced a Cash Back program that can help you make money on the money you spend where you like to shop….

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