IGTP Card Calculator

Just like the Violent Femmes, you can “Add It Up”

When I talk to people about my obsession with points, one of the most common responses is “I just don’t have the time to figure out what card to use for what.” So I decided to create the IGTP Card Calculator to do the work for you.

Looking back, my favorite posts have been about writing up use cases to demonstrate how you can obtain the most value from the money that you spend. In each case, I figure the Return on Expense (ROE) for the use case.

I decided to package that up in a simple web application that allows you to enter your annual spending into common categories, and run the math for you.

The results are displayed in a table which simply demonstrates which card is going to give you the greatest value for how you spend.

You can even mail the report to yourself.

Check it out at the IGTP Card Calculator.

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