American Express Delta Gold Card

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When it comes to air travel, we are a slave to our local hub. Whatever airline “owns” the local airport appears to be THE airline to use. In the case of Minneapolis, our airline is Delta. There are other airlines in Minnesota for sure, and that may work out for your annual vacation. But if you want to earn miles to more trips, Delta is my choice for a carrier. And if you want to earn those miles faster, the American Express Delta Gold card is a great way to do it!

If you are going for status and travel a bit for business, the Delta Platinum or Delta Reserve may be a better option. For those that travel a few times a year, keep reading.

Cardholders get their first bag checked for free and get priority boarding. Which will make the journey just a little bit easier. There is also $100 airline flight credit each year. This is a new benefit that takes $100 off of any Delta ticket paid with your American Express Delta Gold card.

As for earning those miles, you will make 2 points per dollar (PPD) on Delta purchases (including your 20% in flight purchases), 2 PPD on restaurants and groceries, and 1 PPD on everything else. At $.02 value per point (VPP), that is up to 4% return on expense (ROE).

That’s even better than my Hilton Aspire!

It’s easy to build the value of the card even with the $99 annual fee (which you won’t pay in your first year). The flight credit will cancel that out with a dollar to spare!

Click here to learn more about the American Express Delta Gold card, and to apply.

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