2019 Point Spend, A Year in Review

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I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while. As I close out the second year of my blog and look at the value of the points that I’ve spent over the last 12 month, I can’t help but smile.

I netted twice what I got last year for my point spend! Here’s the breakdown:

DateBrandDescriptionCash CostPoint CostValueVPP
1/1/19DeltaAnnual Fee4500
1/1/19HiltonAnnual Fee4500
1/14/19DeltaFree Baggage Check0050
1/14/19DeltaSkyClub Access00110
1/17/19Delta3 Tickets to Orlando33.605700016170.028
1/17/19ChaseDisney Cash Rewards00383n/a
1/17/19DeltaFree Baggage Check0050
1/17/19DeltaSkyClub Access580165
1/27/19HiltonWeekend Cert (Vegas Tropicana)00150n/a
1/27/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
2/6/19DeltaskyClub Access0055
2/11/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
2/11/19DeltaskyClub Access0055
3/13/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
3/13/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
4/2/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
4/12/19DeltaDeaner ticket to Chicago11.2185003230.017
4/23/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
4/23/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
5/1/19DeltaKatie Ticket to Chicago11.2350003820.011
5/2/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
5/10/19Deltafree Baggage Check0050
5/10/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
5/22/19Deltafree Baggage Check0075
5/22/19DeltaskyClub Access0055
7/3/19Delta2 Tix to Las Vegas22.434000904.40.026
8/2/19Delta2 Tix to Nashville22.438000761.20.019
8/2/19Hilton3 nights in Nashville018000010500.006
8/2/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
8/2/19DeltaskyClub Access00168
8/2/19US BankCash Rewards027738277.380.010
8/2/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
8/2/19DeltaskyClub Access0055
8/13/19DeltaTrip to Miami213.301313.3
8/13/19Hilton2 Nights in Miami66.12690005080.006
9/25/19Delta2 tickets to Orlando22.462000971.20.015
9/25/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
9/25/19DeltaskyClub Access00168
10/2/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
10/2/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
10/15/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
10/15/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
10/20/19HertzConvertible in Miami7.99150075.990.045
10/22/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
10/22/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
10/24/19Delta2 Tix to MCO428cert856
10/24/19HiltonMCO Hotel0300002750.009
11/1/19HiltonHotel in Madison01080004500.004
11/5/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
11/5/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
11/8/19ChaseMacy’s Gift card0543160.350.011
11/8/19CitiThank you point conversion0210621.060.010
11/14/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
11/14/19DeltaskyClub Access00110
12/3/19Deltafree Baggage Check00100
12/3/19DeltaskyClub Access00110

For the year, I received over $13,000 worth of value from my point spent, and spent around $1800 out of pocket. That’s over $12,000 net to me. Not too bad for a part time hobby.

I averaged around 1.9 cents per point value from my Delta Reserve card, and .6 cents per point on my Hilton Aspire card.

Do you track your point spend? How did you do this year?

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