December 2019

2019 Point Spend, A Year in Review

I’ve been looking forward to this post for a while. As I close out the second year of my blog and look at the value of the points that I’ve spent over the last 12 month, I can’t help but smile. I netted twice what I got last year for…

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Spend your Capital One Miles on Amazon

As you know, I am a fan of the Capital One Venture Rewards Card, and now you spend your Capital One miles on Amazon. The question is, should you? I received the email today informing me that if I enroll my card at Amazon’s link, I can use the rewards…

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When to Pay with Points, and when to Just Pay

Time to spend? Time to earn? It happens from time to time. When do we pay with points? And when do we pay for things normally and earn more points? For me, it comes down to the Return on Expense. In our most current case, we’re looking to get a…

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