Citi ThankYou? Don’t mind if I do!

Thank you from Citi

I just received an email introducing me to Citi ThankYou Rewards, a new way for me to take advantage of those points I’ve been earning with my Citi DoubleCash card.

I was able to get my points converted over to cash credit at Amazon with just a few clicks at a 1 point to 1 penny rate.

First things first, I had to convert my cash back to ThankYou Rewards points through Citi’s website. The nice thing here is that if you have less than 2500 Citi Rewards (the minimum to convert to cash back) you can still convert them to ThankYou Rewards points at a penny a point.

Then you connect your ThankYou Rewards to your Amazon account. And SHABAM SHABOOM! You’ve got Amazon credit!

Don’t want to spend your rewards at Amazon? There’s a lot of options available for you. To see what all your Citi ThankYou Rewards can get you, check out their site at

UPDATE 11/15/2019

I received the card today and went to to do some shopping. Lesson learned… The order has to be less than the amount on the card. I can not split payments across multiple payment options. I will have to do my shopping in person.

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