An Update to Starbuck’s Rewards

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Updated 4/19/19 – Thank you Rich for correcting the previous rewards earning rate!

Just a heads up regarding Starbucks Rewards as it pertains to the Starbucks Rewards Credit Card.

Earning is simple. Two stars for every dollar spent when paying with your Starbucks app or aforementioned credit card.

As for redeeming those stars, it is no longer a single 125 stars for a free drink. We’ve got options folks.

25 Stars – Customize your drink. If you don’t want to pay cash for that soy milk upgrade, or that extra shot of espresso, this is your option.

50 Stars – Gran a plain ol’ cuppa Joe, or a hot tea.

150 Stars – Get a handcradfted drink, hot breakfast or parfait. This is my go to, I’ll take a Venti Sugar Free Cinnamon Dulce Latte with Soy Milk and no whip.

200 Stars – Lunch sandwich, Protein Box, or Salad

400 Stars – Select Merchandise or At-Home Coffee. Get that new mug, water bottle, of a bag of Breakfast Blend.

Now let’s do some math….. 125 stars meant spending $62.50 (barring any star bonuses received via email) which got me a free $6 coffee. That gives me a value of 9.6 cents per star.

Now 150 stars means spending $75 to get that $6 cup of coffee. That give me a value of 8 cents per star.

And if we’re not using the preferred methods of payment, that value drops in half.

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