Tenacity has it’s benefits

I was excited when I got the notice that Tenacious D was coming to the Twin Cities! I took a screenshot of the email and posted it on Facebook right away, reaching out to my friends that I knew that would be interested in a great concert.

As often happens, I slept through the presale, and missed out. Not only did the show sell out, the show they added the next night ALSO sold out. After market tickets we starting at $100 for general admission. I decided to bite the bullet. But after the service charges, I was looking at $500 for two seats. Not worth it in my opinion. I was disappointed, but my Facebook friends were helping out. There was a date in Colorado at Red Rocks (if you haven’t been, go. Find a show, and just go. You’re welcome!) . Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to make that date work with the travel and commitments.

My wife, yet again, gets the creative juices flowing, and finds a city with a date that works for us. Not only that, it would allow us to kill a few birds with that stone. Nashville Tennessee, at an outdoor amphitheater, in August.

Not only would we be able to see the D, we’d be able to spin down to Lynchburg to visit my favorite distillery, and enjoy Broadway and all the bars, clubs, and entertainment that it offers. That sounds like a win, win, win.

Plane tickets? Covered. Thanks Delta SkyMiles!

Hotel? Covered. Thanks to the points I make with my Hilton Aspire!

Concert tickets? Row G for about $100 a pop. (I’ll be making points from this!)

The only problem I see is having to wait six months to go.

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