December 2018

2018 – A look back at the Rewards

2018 started with the idea of creating this site and sharing experiences around earning and enjoying rewards from credit cards and other programs. Over the year, I find it hard to believe that there are 58 posts! The site has really challenged me to fine new ways to look at…

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Don’t Forget to Check Your Email!

It’s easy to get behind or miss things in your email. I always start by scanning sender and subject to identify the uninteresting and deleting it outright.  I have learned to keep an eye out for certain combinations. Hilton Honors takes great care of me.  They send messages almost daily,…

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The Trip that Points Made

It all started with the unused companion ticket that we get each year with our American Express Delta Reserve card. All we would have to figure out where and when to go? When we looked at where our Hilton Honors Aspire card points could take us, the choice was obvious. …

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