Yelp Cash Back, earn back from what you spend

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Yelp has been around for years.  It’s well known for their amateur reviews of pretty much everything that shows up on a map;  restaurants, stores, services, etc.  They have introduced a Cash Back program that can help you make money on the money you spend where you like to shop. Or if you are looking to try somewhere new, use the Yelp app to select a place that will get you that Cash Back.

Enrollment is pretty straight forward, just create an account (if you’re already Yelping (is that a verb?) you can use your existing account).  Just add your credit card numbers to the site.

Next you look for the participating businesses in the Yelp search.  I found a newer restaurant in the area that I’d been meaning to try and clicked the “Claim Cash Back Here” button.

As luck would have it, in the next month, not only did my wife and I go to dinner there, but I went there twice in a week for work lunches.  (no OpenTable reservation for this place, so I’ll take my rewards where I can!)

The next thing I knew, I received a notification congratulating me to the reward that was heading directly back to my registered credit card.  No muss, no fuss.  Pretty easy!

To learn more about the Yelp Cash Back program click here.

To sign up, follow this link.

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