US Bank Cash+ Visa

Not to be missed, US Bank offers the Cash+ Visa with some interesting options.  It has no annual fee (free to use and earn rewards!).

Cash back is determined on three levels:

5% on two categories that you get to choose (options are things like cell phones, utilities, clothing stores, etc)

2% on Groceries and Gas

1% on everything else

I’ve been using this card to strategically.  For example, when I needed to go shirt shopping,  I had already set “Clothing stores” as a 5% category.  I added this card to my Ebates profile and added the Johnston & Murphy in store offer to it.

Then when I went and got my shirts, I got 5% back on my Ebates offer, and 5% cash back on my US Bank Cash+ card.

Looking ahead, my wife and I’s gym memberships renew in January and February, I’ve already set it up to switch to “Gym” for my 5% category.

Now this is definitely more work, and adds complexity to shift cards around the wallet.  The jury is still out as to if it is worth it.

For more information on the US Bank Cash+ card, and to apply click here.

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