Disney Rewards by Chase


We were already planning on taking the family to Disney World in February of 2017 when I came across this credit card offer.

Chase’s Disney Rewards card.  It seemed too good to be true.

  • No Annual Fee
  • $200 in rewards for a sign up fee (if you meet minimum spending)
  • $50 in rewards for adding an authorized user
  • 1% in rewards per dollar spent

Most times when it seems too good to be true, I get leary.  But this card has a bit of that Disney Magic, that we all know and love.

I added my fiance and my daughter as authorized users. And they were able to earn points over the next eight months.

By the time we got to Disney World, we had $340 in Disney rewards!

Now I keep the card and let my family build up the points (we’re already at $260 in rewards a year later).  This will help when we go to Disneyland later this year.

And let me assure you, when you whip out a Darth Vader credit card, people know that they are dealing with a discerning person of great taste!

Click here to find out more about Chase’s Disney Rewards card, and to apply online (I get points if you apply!)

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