Delta Reserve by American Express

Amex Delta Reserve Card



This is my primary card.  I chose this card because I want to boost my status on Delta.  I like this card for the person who travels with Delta often, and can incur $60k in charges a year to maximize their rewards.  The Delta Reserve card will help you achieve higher status with Delta in shorter amount of time, which accelerates your mile earnings.  In addition, there’s a lot of other perks that make this card worth while.  At $450 for an annual fee, you need to recoup a lot of value.

How do I do that?

  • Each renewal brings you a free companion ticket.  BAM! You just recouped your annual fee.
  • Free checked bag (Yes, I check my bags.  Sky Priority makes it worth while)
  • Free SkyClub access.  If you travel for work, you need a quiet place to work, or relax.
  • Earn MQMs.  You get a 15k MQM bump at $30,000 spent, and another 15k at $60,000.  That is 30k MQMs, which is Delta Silver, status.
  • Earn 1 mile for each dollar spent.  Get 2X rewards for everything you buy through Delta!

There are a bunch of other AMEX based perks here too. For more details and to apply, check it out:

And when you apply from this link, I get a referral bonus, and you get sign up bonus too!

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