What’s in my wallet?

I figured it’d be a good idea to have a central spot to keep track of what all I’ve got going on.  There’s a lot of details behind it all, but we’ll keep it at a high level here. CardAnnual FeeRewardReward RateDelta Reserve450 Delta Miles1 PPDHilton Aspire450Hilton Points14 PPDCapital One…

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Chase Disney Rewards – don’t go to Disney without it!

Chase Disney Rewards card

I jumped at the chance to have a “Darth Vader credit card”! It’s the Chase Disney Rewards Visa, a no annual fee credit card that earns “Disney dollars” and gives me additional benefits for when I go Park Hopping with the family, or just my wife. I’ll be honest. I…

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There is such a thing as a free lunch – Thanks Landry’s Select Club!

With all the locations in Landry’s Select Club, you never know where and when inspiration for points may come in. For Christmas my son and I received gift certificates for The Void at the Mall of America. It was an absolutely INCREDIBLE immersive virtual reality experience. While I can go…

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